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Martin breaks the existing Guinness World Record of 134 hours! The goal: 168 hours - that's 24 hours a day for 7 days! The starting signal will be given in late summer 2024!!!

One year earlier, the World Record Year 2023/2024 was kicked off with a grand Kick-Off Tour throughout the entire Allgäu.

Our Kick-Off Tour started on June 16, 2023, at 7:00 PM at the Rathausplatz in Kempten and ended on June 23, 2023, at 7:00 PM at the Festspielhaus Neuschwanstein in Füssen. In between, there were shows, stunts, talks, and celebrities.


At the end of the entire project, it's about much more than "just" a world record. It's about encouraging people to believe in themselves and embark on their personal mastery. It's about pushing boundaries, achieving the (seemingly) impossible, self-realization, and self-fulfillment - simply by taking the right path, doing what one loves. It's a huge adventure, a life experiment, the realization of a blueprint for everyone - and everyone can be part of it, live, for an entire year!!!


But such a project requires support. To ensure the financing of its implementation, both in-kind and financial sponsors are sought. In addition, crowdfunding campaigns are being launched to generate additional funds. Other artists and bands who want to be part of this fantastic endeavor are also welcome.


The Guinness World Record attempt in 2024 will be an exciting tour, accompanied by numerous shows and stunts at spectacular locations across Europe - always in the name of music. It won't be an endless, dry, continuous drum solo but a genuine PULSE, a real HEARTBEAT, genuine EMOTIONS, real MUSIC!

Martin won't have any breaks during this! He will be playing almost continuously. He will be loaded onto buses and airplanes while playing, to be transported to various locations. He will perform online and live shows, in cars, on boats, on airplanes, on a Ferris wheel, in halls, on television, on a ski jump - indoors and outdoors, just about everywhere. Sometimes with a band, sometimes with a DJ, sometimes solo with backing tracks, and sometimes with well-known figures from the music and media industry.


Prominent personalities like Peter Maffay, Martin Rütter, and Nic Collins have already pledged their support and were part of the Kick-Off Tour in 2023. A camera crew will accompany Martin around the clock in 2024, and the entire spectacle will be streamed in real-time on the internet 24/7. The whole world will be a witness - it's a world record, but not an ordinary one, because there will be opportunities for everyone to get involved in various ways and leave their mark!


It's hard to imagine how someone can stay awake almost continuously for 7 days, and it's an extreme challenge, both physically and mentally. That's why Martin is accompanied around the clock by a highly qualified team of doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, mental trainers, sleep laboratory experts, and many more, whose services he is happy to share with his viewers. Martin firmly believes that everyone is capable of pushing their own boundaries, especially when they do what they love.


Martin is essentially only seen with drumsticks in his hands. The native of Allgäu has been living his groove since the age of 5. After studying at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles and the Popakademie Munich, he earned national and international awards and several top-10 chart placements through his drumming. He set his first world record with a 24-hour drum roll in 2015. He has worked on live and studio productions with artists like Usher, Matthias Schweighöfer, Guildo Horn, and many more. In addition to major events like the Super Bowl or the FIFA World Cup Opening, he has been involved in significant film productions such as "Fack ju Göhte," "Buddy" by Michael "Bully" Herbig, and "Vaterfreuden."

Rhythm is pulse, is life! Martin and his team aim to not only catapult a blueprint for everyone into the world with their reach but also support charity projects. Even during the Kick-Off in 2023, Martin's PhoenixTeam, in collaboration with Martin Rütter and his "Adoptieren statt Produzieren" campaign, raised funds for the reconstruction of the Marktoberdorf animal shelter (Tierschutzverein Marktoberdorf und Umgebung e.V. They are also dedicated to supporting the Herzenswünsche Allgäu e.V. (, an organization that fulfills the dreams of sick children.


But that's not all. To make it truly understandable and replicable how to pursue one's heart's path, there will be a unique and breathtaking movie about the Phoenix's journey in winter 2024. Additionally, they will create further coaching opportunities to allow everyone the chance to follow in Martin's footsteps and embark on their own journey of life mastery!


However, even then, the Phoenix is far from reaching its destination...

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